The exciting sequel to The Dragon and the Faerie. Projected release date Spring 2017


 The moon cast a sickly glow on the dark water. A young man in clothes like dragon scales stood on the rocky shore of the lakes only island. A scraping noise of talons against stone made him turn. Brion looked to see the red dragon form of his brother Caleb.

He must be wrestling with his dreams again, Brion said to himself.

Seven other dragons lay sleeping in various spots throughout the island. They slept from an enchantment placed on them by Brion himself. It was one of the last bits of magic he could wield before being totally cutoff from the source. He didnt know how long Devon would imprison them here, but he was pretty sure his brothers would starve to death long before any help came.

Brion had a gift that did not require contact with the source. The Gods had given it to him at the moment of his creation. All dragons had a gift that was their own. Brions was the ability to go a thousand years without food. He knew that time had long since come and gone. Starvation had started to settle in, and he felt weaker with the passage of time. Should he succumb, there would be no one to wake his brothers, and one by one, they would die.

There was a shield of power surrounding the island, preventing the dragons from flying out. On the shore he could see nine hooded figures. Brion could not tell if they were men from this distance. There use to be ten, but one had disappeared not too long ago. The only other thing discernable was the faint odor of sulfur brought to him on the errant breeze.


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