The Dragon and the Faerie: Vasara Chronicles Vol. I

Born in the Hudson Highlands, 16 year old Andy has an insatiable appetite for adventure, never weighing the dangers or who it might hurt in the process. A remorse he would come to realize when his sister becomes the first victim. Never satisfied with a mediocre life, evil powers use his lust for living on the edge to lure Andy as an unknowing tool in a scheme to shatter the barrier between worlds.


Andy felt something hard smash into his left shoulder that caused him to fall face first onto a hard stone floor. He looked up and saw he was in a large room with two wooden doors on opposite sides. On the walls was a pair of sconces with burning torches in them. He could barely make out a cloaked figure standing over him. The face was in shadow, but two golden points of light stared down at him.

“Hold still boy,” a hollow sounding voice said. “It will soon be over.”

And then it hit him. His shoulder seemed like it was on fire. The scream that tore from his throat was inhuman. Andy started thrashing, trying to escape from the pain. Then suddenly, a flash of bright light exploded in the room. He was falling, and just before darkness claimed him he heard the voice scream.

        “Loki, I will kill you for this!”


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